Self-adhesive-, glass-, tag-labels

You can find paper-based labels among our press products. For plastic-based industrial labels, please go to the decoration link.

The paper-based labels are produced in sheets with 4 colour press and scratched. We supply them handy, in order to store it easily until usage.

We offer paper-based labels as follows:

–       Special glossy – white, with no mechanical pulp, with special gloss, painted self-adhesive label paper, for glossy tasks.

–       Special matt – white, matt surface self-adhesive label paper, for ordinary tasks.

–       Elegance – white, non-painted, embossed creative self-adhesive paper with slight embossed touch. High standard, exclusive appearance.

–       Classic – light yellow, stripe-structured, smooth, matt self-adhesive paper for classic look demanding tasks or wine bottles.

–       Pearl – white, glossy, metalized look, self-adhesive paper.


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